Going into Match week, you want to be prepared to participate in the Post-Match SOAP. Of course, we hope you will full Match come 10a EST Monday (3/13/23) morning! However, if you didn’t get many interviews or you are applying to categorical programs, there is a chance you may need to be ready. One of the best ways to prepare in advance is to craft your Post-Match Personal Statements with time to edit. 

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when creating these Personal Statements.

7 Considerations for Post-Match Personal Statements

  1. Plan ahead. Basically, create, edit and update your personal statements well before Match Week. Trust us, you will NOT have time come Monday morning to whip up personal statements on top of program research and applying. 
  2. Update your personal statements. Many applicants have new experiences since applying earlier on in the season. Make sure your essays include new and relevant information.
  3. Create statements for additional specialties. Many times, applicants apply to new and different specialties during SOAP because of the number of available positions in various specialties. See which specialties were most popular in last year’s Match here.
  4. Do not mention the Post-Match SOAP in your statement. There is no need to discuss the fact that you may be applying during SOAP in these essays. Keep them focused on the topic at hand: you and your qualifications for the specialty you are applying to. 
  5. Keep your discussion of potential red flags to a minimum and in a positive light. Take responsibility for all situations and focus on aspects of growth and how you are now better equipped as a future physician. 
  6. Do not write personal statements for specialties you do not have supporting documents for. Essentially, only apply to specialties where you have at least 1 or more Letters of Recommendation for as well. The other LoRs should be general and not recommending you to a different specialty. 
  7. Make the most of professional assistance with your Post-Match personal statements. If you did not get many residency interviews, it is very possible that your personal statement was turning programs off of your application for some reason. Be sure yours is the best it can be. Work with a trusted professional helping you to edit your statement or by having one written for you from scratch.

Putting it All Together

With these tips in mind, your Post-Match personal statements will give you the best chance during the SOAP! Be sure you utilize effective program research methods as well. Learn more about the instantaneous SOAP Program Compatability Search engine at Electronic Residency

Questions about the Post Match SOAP or crafting your Personal Statement? Reach out to us for help! Call (858)-221-8590 or email support@residencystatement.com