Getting residency interviews can be tough enough. But, then you have to actually attend them and perform as well!

As such, there are several things you should keep in mind before attending a residency interview. We’ll be discussing these ideas in the approximate order they should be completed. 


10 Things to Do Before Attending A Residency Interview

  1. Record – We recommend keeping track of all your interviews in one place. Match A Resident’s Interview Manager is the perfect (and free) tool to do so.
  2. Update Personal Statement – You can update your personal statement throughout the residency application cycle. If yours was not a perfect 10/10, we recommend taking another look. Residency programs rely heavily on personal statements for final decisions, especially after having met you during an interview. 
  3. Research – Begin researching the program. You should be keeping track of what interests you about the program AND the region. Make sure to start logging questions you may have as well. During an interview, the more tailored and specific your questions are to the potentially unique aspects of that program – the better. It shows a more genuine and potentially invested interest than do generic questions. 
  4. Learn – Preparing for the actual skills necessary to complete interviews cannot be understated. Overconfidence KILLS when it comes to residency interviews. This means you need to cover all your bases – in terms of the knowledge, skills, and best practices associated with conducting interviews. There are many resources available, but we recommend Interview Prep available through Match A Resident
  5. Practice – Once you have foundational knowledge built, it is time to take it to the next level with practice and repetition. And actually seeing how you do is so critical to objective analysis. That is why Interview Prep through Match A Resident offers unlimited recordings of practice answers. Plus, AI Feedback can help you determine your strengths and areas for improvement instantaneously. 
  6. Feedback – Make sure to analyze your own practice answers, send them to peers or mentors for review, or to an interview coaching expert for detailed feedback and critique. It is important that you are able to understand your performance from a different perspective than your own. 
  7. Mental Preparation – Visualizing and practicing embodying the feelings you wish to own and portray during the interview can be a powerful tool. Consider looking into meditations or relaxation techniques that can help you get into a centered state of mind leading up to the interview – including the days before, the night of, and right beforehand as well. 
  8. Physical Preparation – The body holds stress and tension. Simple breathwork, yoga, or tai chi are excellent ways to help alleviate these tensions which can make you appear uncomfortable during an interview – both online and in person. Developing a healthy practice, even just a few minutes a day will help you get mentally and physically prepared for confidence and success. 
  9. Setting – If your interview will be virtual, make sure your space is set up well in advance. This means where you will be sitting, the background, lighting, camera, and beyond are all determined and set up. You’ve verified that this is a very professional and reliable set up. Also, consider setting your clothes out the night before and have your breakfast planned. The fewer distractions and variables the better. 
  10. Succeed! – Go into the interview with all the tools in your belt sharp and ready. You’ve completed your preparations and are ready for success. Feeling confident and prepared will help you perform optimally. So, now it is time to go and GET IT!


Additional Preparation Resources

If you would like access to Interview Prep Services – log in or register with Match A Resident. Interview Prep is available through registered member’s Dashboards.

If you would like assistance making final tweaks or complete re-writes of your Personal Statement, go to Residency Personal Statement Editing & Writing Services.